2 related things:
1) when clicking in a raster cell (ie either AIS or VMS effort) to see a list of boats, it would be great to be able to see all the boats. Currently it seems limited to 5 and then you get a + however many additional boats there are. It would be nice to be able to scroll that list and see / pin all boats.
2) I have been using the map a lot this way recently to find potential vessels of interest. I like that you can click the boat (at least up to 5, per previous point), and go straight into VV for that boat. However, unless I am missing it, I can't then pin that boat to the workspace from there. I have to click out of VV and then the raster cell I clicked before is gone, so I either have to find the raster cell again and pin the boat from there, or manually enter it into VV. The same seems true if you enter VV the regular way (i.e., searching the boat). If you click the link without adding it to the map, you have to either add it to a group or start over to pin it to the map from the search results. Again, maybe missing something but if it is possible it is not obvious how I would pin from VV and think that would be useful.